Why Standish?

We want you to feel secure in your purchase with Standish. We've gone through great lengths not only to make sure that you love our products, but that you love shopping with us. Here's a few ways we do just that

Proud Partner of SalonCentric

You’re in good hands! We take great pride in servicing the furniture and equipment needs of our clients. SalonCentric and Standish are two reputable brands that you can trust. SalonCentric has chosen Standish because we have a track record of offering…

  • The best shopping experience for our clients
  • A truly innovative product mix
  • Best in class customer service
  • Made in the USA

    There's something special about a handmade product, like a card on your parent's birthday. We believe the same for Salon Furniture. Shopping at Standish means that you have access to brands of all kinds that offer exclusively American-Made products made by real people right here in the United States. Whether it's a custom desk made in Austin, Texas or a massage table made by hand in Pennsylvania, you can get the real deal right here.

    Blended Local-Global Approach

    We want to give you the best of both worlds. By offering stylish and affordable import items paired with custom items hand-crafted in the good old US of A, you can create the perfect blend of quality and affordability. Grab some super-stylish styling chairs and stations and pair those with a reception desk designed specifically for your salon. You can get the full look at Standish without having to look any further and without breaking the bank! That’s a solution and an experience that you can ONLY get at Standish.

    Generous Return Policy

    In keeping with the trend of making your whole experience the best it can be, we even make our return policy unbeatable. We understand that things just don't work out sometimes, and when that time comes, you can enjoy a no-hassle return policy laid out here.

    Digital Marketing from Standish

    We love to feature our clients! Send us your photos once your salon is set up, and we'll post your pictures everywhere! We'll Instagram it, Facebook it, email it, blog about it, and if we can arrange it, we'll even come shoot a video of it. There's something so special about seeing a picture of salon equipment in a working environment, and not just on a white background. And we won't charge you a single cent to share with our network of salon owners and stylists around the country!

    We're Real, Fun People

    We pride ourselves on not being sales-driven, but rather experience-driven. Our first priority is you, our customer, loving every aspect of shopping with us. We aren't just a company of importers who have a website. We're really passionate about making your space your own, and making sure that every step of the way is a breeze.