Oakworks Clodagh Virgo Wave Backrest Top


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The Oakworks Clodagh Virgo Massage Table is almost whimsical, with a choice of butcher block legs or industrial spring legs. This simple design offers basic functionality and a chance to make a statement! Choose the stylish, yet unpretentious wooden butcher block legs or the sleek, modern metal spring legs and you'll find a groundbreaking feature that makes the Virgo truly unique. The Clodagh Virgo Massage Table proves that there is a profound beauty to be found in simplicity. The legs and base of the Virgo remain stationary while the top moves to the desired height, providing a feeling of stability that is hard to find in a lift table. Refined and tasteful, but with artistic design accents that showcase the aesthetic genius of its creator, the Virgo adds a touch of sophistication to the décor of even the most luxurious spa. The Wave Backrest top option is an economical way to have a locking backrest that keeps your clients comfortable at one of 5 locked backrest locations. Just lift the back slightly and release the support arm to quickly and easily to accommodate a variety of treatments and modalities.

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