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The Adjust-a-Sink ensures that your salon differentiates its services by providing the ultimate in adjustable height comfort during the shampooing experience. The Adjust-a-Sink is the answer to the age-old challenges of:

  • Client and Stylist Body Pain While Shampooing at the Bowl
  • Having to Apologize for the Client Having Wet Clothes During Their Service.
  • For the Stylist:

    The Adjust-a-Sink is a Stylist's dream come true! It allows the stylist to have control over the sink by being able to raise and lower the shampoo bowl to the perfect height between the client and the bowl. This enables the stylist to stand upright, not bending and stretching excessively during the shampoo and rinsing. Thus, it helps to eliminate:

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Upper Back and Shoulder Strain
  • Muscle Strain in the Upper Thigh and Calf
  • The improved posture for the stylist helps to ensure the salon owner of less liability and loss of work time due to stylist injury.

    The Adjust-a-Sink allows the stylist the comfort of a backwash bowl standing position while providing the better working position of a side-wash bowl.

    For the Client:

    The Adjust-a-Sink allows the client to sit upright at the bowl as it is properly adjusted to their height. Due to its patented features, the Adjust-a-Sink helps to eliminate:

  • The Need for Tall Individuals to Slide Down Causing Lower Back and Neck Pain Due to Unbalanced Pressure Points
  • Neck Strain for the Short Stature Individual Trying to Stretch to Reach the Bowl
  • Wet Clothes as the Client Leaves Your Salon
  • The Perfect Match of Client and Shampoo Bowl Greatly Improves Comfort and Keeps the Client Dry!

    The Adjust-a-Sink works with a standard salon chair. It also accommodates a variety of wheelchairs, which allows the client to remain in their wheelchair while they have their hair shampooed. Your salon will be accessible for all clients.

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