About Shipping

At Standish, we want to make your delivery process as painless as possible! With freight shipping costs only increasing we aim to provide the lowest rates possible. That's why we use reliable shipping companies and offer a wide variety of shipping methods to get your furniture to you safe and sound! Many of our orders arrive to you in 10-14 business days from the date of purchase, unless it's a custom item. In that case, you will need to contact us regarding your delivery timeframe.

Here are some of the most common shipping options that we offer with our freight orders, and what they mean:

*Rates are calculated based on several dimensional factors: Commercial vs Residential, the total number of pallets vs weight and total distance traveled. While we can do nothing to lower what the 3rd party freight carriers are charging. We are happy to negotiate based on your total spend and we often cover the freight with a special offer in the monthly promotion. 

How to Accept Your Freight Shipment:

We ask—nay, BEG—you to follow these steps to protect your rights and the rights of your rockin' new salon furniture...

1. On arrival, immediately inspect the shipment for obvious signs of damage; this could include smashed sides, punctures, the sound of broken glass, etc. This is your right no matter what the driver says, and you must inspect the goods before signing the delivery receipt. Don't you dare sign anything unless you've carefully checked the outside of the boxes to ensure the shipment is not damaged.

2. NEVER WAIVE YOUR SIGNATURE ON ANY DELIVERY. If you waive your right to inspect the delivery and then sign upon arrival and the items happen to be damaged, you forfeit all product warranties and we cannot cover those costs.

3. If you notice any obvious damage, open the packages while the driver is still there and check the products for damage. If there is product damage, refuse the damaged box. Call the freight company, provide your delivery receipt number and report the damage. Then take photos and call us. We've got you covered.

4. Compare the actual number of boxes to the number listed on the delivery receipt. Again, don't sign unless everything is in order.

5. Sign the delivery receipt if there is no damage and the counts are correct. If there are any discrepancies or you have any issues, immediately call our customer service department before signing or allowing the driver to leave. We'll straighten them out.

6. Please open and inspect all packages within 1 day*. We can help with any issues if you give us a call!

*Note: The 3 day time frame as mentioned in the video is incorrect. You have only 1 day to inspect your packages that arrive!