Continuum Echo LE (Luxury Edition) Pedicure Spa


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Continuum Echo LE (Luxury Edition) Pedicure Spa Product Description

The EchoPlus Pedicure Spa has the same features as the Echo, PLUS full shiatsu massage upgrade and manicure trays included.


The signature curved base, genuine cherry wood veneers and hand sown upholstery are a few of the features that distinguish the Echo pedicure chair. The Continuum Footspas brand is sure to distinguish your salon/spa from the competition. Do not settle for cheaply made plastic pedicure chairs.

Pipe-less Jet System

Easy clean, sanitary and whisper quite. Clients enjoy an invigorating massage by a powerful dual stream NoPipe jet that is exceptionally easy to clean and sanitize. Continuum has a pipe-less system that eliminates internal pipes, the breeding ground for bacteria. By simply removing the jet cover all surfaces touched by water are reachable for easy cleaning. This American made jet is installed in a durable and chemical resistant basin with a river stone textured bottom for added comfort and sensation.

Contoured Footrest & Adjustable Arm Support

No more tired and sore arms from holding the leg of the while working on the foot! The Echo Continuum Pedicure Spa has patented adjustable center leg support and contoured footrests combining innovation and functionally, the result is total comfort for the client and technician. If you are massaging the calf, working on the heel or painting toenails, the foot pads position feet perfectly throughout the entire pedicure. All three (3) foot pads are chemical and acetone resistant to provide an easy clean and low maintenance work surface.

FREE Autofill Upgrade

As a gift for purchasing with Standish, we are upgrading all Echo Models to include a FREE autofill option! It is designed to fill the basin to the correct water level and starts the whirlpool jet automatically. Just press the button and walk away! This means no more worries about water overflow!  This desired feature allows the technician time to seat the client in the pedicure chair and get their feet soaking while the tech prepares for the service.

Continuum Footspas was created with the desire to manufacture the finest pedicure spas available. Continuum pedicure chairs are found in some of the most prestigious salons, spas and resorts in the world. Join the Continuum Footspas family today; select from a variety of pedicure spas perfect for every budget and every requirement.

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